Five affirmations

The coming years may not be kind. We don’t know exactly what to do – how to fix things. Some of you have known this for your whole lives; I have been sitting with this for a while. These point to where I want to live. This is just my map.

  1. it’s time to get your life right
    time to learn skills, build strong friendships
    help who you can help, materially
    time to stop wasting time.

  2. don’t fall prey to magical thinking
    don’t expect apocalypse or revolution
    civilization as we know it is not over yet
    but it will change, often for the worse.

  3. build resilient, caring communities
    with your friends and loved ones
    protect that community against alienation
    against apathy
    and all the -isms arrayed against you.

  4. as much as possible, live sustainably
    emotionally, materially.
    your people are stronger than society
    more caring than institutions
    more loving than culture.

  5. resist the urge to return to normal
    to keep on keeping on.
    resist bullshit wherever you find it
    try to live well.

"There's no need to fear or hope,

but only to look for new weapons." - Félix Guattari

Zachary Kain